Neldiart Story

Neldi Art started in 2007 with a little stall at the seafront of Kato Paphos, Cyprus. Initially the creations were hand made jewelleries made from materials from all over the world. The ideas were increasing year by year and a small stall couldn’t fit our creativity. In 2016 we finally opened our own gallery.

Did you know?

Our shop’s name is a combination of our names – (Nel)ly & (Di)mos !
We both studied in Thessaloniki Greece, where we have met in 2007. We have been together ever since! Dimos studied Biology and Nelly studied Accountings. We were both attracted by Fine Arts though, so we never practiced what we studied and decided to focus on handcrafts.
We have travelled to many countries together always looking for materials and ideas for our work (Cyprus, Greece, Thailand, Philippines, India, Nepal, Indonesia, China, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal are just some of them)! Each travel gave us unique ideas and inspiration. The impact of those travels can be seen on our handcrafts.

Our Art Gallery

In 2016 we found this cozy little shop. We needed plenty of working hours and imagination to convert it to a gallery.

We reused and recycled materials from junkyards for the decoration of the gallery. This way we gave a second life to old materials and reduced our Carbon Footprint