Game Changer Superhero – Banksy’s Artwork


Game Changer Superhero – Banksy’s  Artwork Game Changer Superhero is one of Banksy’s artworks.

Game Changer Superhero,” features a young boy playing with a British National Health Services (NHS) nurse superhero toy. Batman and Spiderman action figures are lying in a waste bin at the background, indicating that the boy’s Game Changer Superheros are the “game changers” of today.

Game Changer Super Hero is a tribute to the millions of  medical workers worldwide who are risking their lives daily, against COVID-19, to keep the rest of us safe.

This Artwork is engraved on cypress wood with the bark giving a rustic finish.


Approx Dimensions : 33*40* 2 (cm)

Approx Weight: 1.5 Kg

Engraved on a rustic piece of cypress wood.

Please keep in mind that every piece is unique and unrepeatable.

What you will receive, will be a slightly different piece of wood but always with the highest quality we always offer.


Additional information

Dimensions 33 × 2.5 × 52 cm