Barcode Leopard – Banksy’s Artwork


One of Banksy’s most known graffities that shows a fearless leopard who seems to have just escaped from his cage, resembling a barcode on wheels.
Banksy is bringing our attention towards the illegal trade and commodification of wildlife, especially the poaching of big cats for materials and their entrapment for the amusement of the rich in private spaces or the masses in zoos.

Engraved on a unique piece of cypress wood.


Approx Dimensions :  32 * 28 *  2 (cm)

Approx Weight: 0.82 Kg

Engraved on a rustic piece of Cypress Wood.

Black engraving.

Please keep in mind that every piece is unique and unrepeatable.

What you will receive, will be a slightly different piece of wood but always with the highest quality we always offer.
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Additional information

Weight 0.82 kg
Dimensions 40 × 1.2 × 29 cm