These bedside Coconut Shell Table Lamps are ideal for kid’s rooms and playrooms. They are made out of natural and Eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. Except the cable and bulb ;-).

The lamps are 100% handmade so there might be some variations at the final product.

The set also includes a switch (on/off) on the cable and one bulb of 7 Watt. A big variety of designs and different animal shapes are available.

It’s a beautiful gift for many occasions like birthdays, newborns gift, Valentine’s Day, Wedding anniversaries and many more.

These Bedside Coconut Table Lamps light give a natural feeling of warmth, relaxation and coziness in every room used.


Coconuts never have a standard size so please allow some variation at the final size of the product. Also due to the manual measurement, minor mistakes might occur.

Coconuts also differ in weight and color so your own Bedside Coconut Table Lamp might slightly vary from the ones you see in the pictures. Thank you for understanding.

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